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Snow Day . Our Life . Lake Jackson, TX photographer

December 9, 2017

Never in my life did I think that it would snow here in Brazoria County, TX.  Dallas, sure, sometimes! But Lake Jackson, TX? The tiny little Gulf Coast town right off of the water? We had a little Christmas miracle early. . 


When I went to bed last night, it was starting to fall. What a dream. That morning I woke up, looked outside and went to go get Evelynn bundled up to go play. Well, one problem. We live in Texas. There's not a lot of need for snow gear in Texas. Poor baby got bundled up with her jammies, sweatpants, a sweater and a hoodie with socks for mittens and her little Toms tennis shoes. "I can't put my arms down!" Not quite, but close.


We ran outside and she goes, "Ooooh!" with her big blue eyes. She was weary to walk into it, but you couldn't stop her once she was in the snow. 

Tiny snow ball in hand. 

The first step.

Just kidding, I change my mind.


Baby footprints in the snow.

Just look at those cheeks and little lippy.

Hey Momma, this is pretty cool!

She's starting to hold my hand now, it's the sweetest.


Attempting to make a snowman.

Snow covered footsies.

Getting a closer look.

 Our home.

Building a Texas snowman.


 What a fun little blessing! We truly enjoyed this experience. I miss snow from growing up in Northampton, Pennsylvania and Wichita, KS, so this was definitely a day to remember. Thank you, God for the early Christmas present! Goodbye snow... 


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